Grateful For The Past (21 Day Gratitude Challenge, Day 16)

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Grateful For Your Past / 21 day Gratitude Challenge/ Collectivitea
Welcome to Day 16 of the 21 Day Gratitude ChallengeDay 16’s prompt asks you to be grateful for your past. Let me explain. We all have a compilation of past actions, reactions, responses, incidents, anecdotes, including the ‘Best Of’ and ‘Worst Of’ lists and all the other hoopla that we carry in our heads. That happened, that was awesome. This other thing happened, I wish it hadn’t, my life changed after that. What a fabulous thing happened way back in ’93! He said that. She said this. He or she did that. They did this to me. I did that. It was good. It was awful. Or ‘those were the days’ and the nostalgia channel starts playing in your head.

Grateful For Your Past / 21 Day Gratitude Challenge/ CollectiviteaToday, how about you say you thank you for your past, then stuff it all into a giant balloon and let it go? You know that quote, don’t look that way, you are not going there or something to that effect? Let’s use it today. Pack it all up, be grateful for the fun and the lessons, (and there is always both), say Thank You, and let’s move on! The Indian festival of Diwali is starting and it seems particularly opportune to head into a new moon being grateful for the past, letting it go, and heading straight into a bright future!

It’s your turn!  Share your thoughts on the gratitude prompt and what you are grateful for, either by leaving a response in the section below or if you have a blog or other writing platform, write about it there. Link back to this page and leave a comment in the Comments section, so that all of us can visit and read it. If you are sharing your thoughts on social media, use the hashtag #CollectiviteaGratitudeChallenge and leave a comment, so we can find you and read what you’ve written. Looking for details on the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge? Right here! – Priya

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