Gratitude For Health (21 Day Gratitude Challenge, Day 19)

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Gratitude For Your Body / 21 Day Gratitude Challenge/ CollectiviteaWe are in the last 3 days of this 21 Day Gratitude Challenge! Today is Day 19. As you went through the days of the challenge, you may have seen the pattern- it starts with you, widens to include the world, and it returns back to you. Today’s gratitude challenge is to express gratitude for your health. Too often we take our most valuable asset, our health, for granted. We may even place more importance on appearance than good health. As women, and speaking to my majority women audience, we are hard on ourselves in many ways, but especially when it comes to our bodies. Too tall or too short. Too thin or fat. We complain about and compare our bodies, from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes.  We keep trying to meet a mythical ‘perfection’ whose guidelines are based on something so parochial as society’s conditioning. We are always trying to fix something about our bodies, which in our, and in others opinion, are either too much or too less of a particular feature.

Gratitude For Your Body / 21 Day Gratitude Challenge/ Collectivitea

Today, let us be grateful for our state of health, no matter where on the spectrum we are. (If you are looking for a guided meditation to express gratitude for your body, here is one on YouTube.) No matter what we or the world thinks we ought to look like, let’s express our gratitude for our bodies. Let’s not wait until we heal from an injury or illness, until we are taller, have a perfect nose, lose 10 pounds, have flatter abs, toned biceps or longer hair or nails, Let’s be grateful for our health and for our body today. Let’s marvel at the amazing machine the human body is and that it contains multitudes (taken from Walt Whitman’s quote + this book). Let’s take Thoreau’s words literally..”I stand in awe of my body…”

It’s your turn!  Share your thoughts on the gratitude prompt and what you are grateful for, either by leaving a response in the section below or if you have a blog or other writing platform, write about it there. Link back to this page and leave a comment in the Comments section, so that all of us can visit and read it. If you are sharing your thoughts on social media, use the hashtag #CollectiviteaGratitudeChallenge and leave a comment, so we can find you and read what you’ve written. Looking for details on the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge? Right here! -Priya


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