21 Day Gratitude Challenge, Day 21

Gratitude, Gratitude Challenge, Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal) / Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Grateful For You / 21 Day Gratitude Challenge/Collectivitea

We are on Day 21 of the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge. I am grateful to have been able to show up, be consistent, and complete this challenge. The one takeaway I have from this challenge is that gratitude changes your perspective on life. One of the writers that I read recently (sorry, I can’t remember who it was) wrote that people are looking at their lives as if from behind a dirty window. When you clean that window metaphorically, or even better, step outside, you see life as it really is- vibrant, rich, brilliant, and full of adventures and possibilities. Gratitude helps you clean that window or get out from behind it. This is not to say that only “good” things will happen from now on, the elixir-like “happily ever after” we were all raised on. Instead, it means that I will meet the changes and situations that my life brings with more grace and know that at any given moment, I can change my perspective by expressing gratitude. I remember reading my older son a book titled “It could have been worse..” many years ago. That’s not the sentiment I am aiming for. Instead, I just want to acknowledge that life is a mystery, full of twists and turns many of which I don’t understand but that I am grateful to be part of this experience.

Grateful For You / 21 Day Gratitude Challenge/Collectivitea

For the final day of the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge, the prompt is to be grateful for you. For not just the good in you, but the flaws too. Acknowledge that you (we) are imperfect and that that’s okay. Change the tone of your inner dialog to one that extends kindness and compassion to yourself. You are loved. You are powerful and capable of so much love and creativity. Express your love and joy through your actions towards yourself and others. Enjoy being you. None of us are perfect, but as long as we treat ourselves, and each other with kindness, compassion, and respect for our individual journeys, we’ll be on the right path.  Have you heard of the Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery with a lacquer of gold dust? It’s called kintsugi or kintsukuroi and results in a creation more beautiful than the original perfect pot. It reminds me of the Leonard Cohen quote, “there is a crack in everything, that’s where the light gets in.” Be grateful for you.

Today, I am also grateful because this series on expressing gratitude has brought me back full circle. I have rediscovered my joy in writing and that is a gift I treasure above everything. Have a wonderful rest of the day. -Priya

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