Book Review: The Happiness Equation By Neil Pasricha

Books / Monday, October 16th, 2017


Book Review / CollectiviteaI read the book The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything by Neil Pasricha over the weekend. I really enjoyed it and want to share with you a short book review. The book distills  9 essential secrets that are necessary for a happy life and does so in an engaging way. It reaffirmed a lot of what my own experiences have taught me and also showed me places in my life where happiness was not the starting point. Do you know what I mean? Just think of the sentence, I will be happy when I…, and add whatever it is you are waiting for to be happy. New job, promotion, bigger house, nicer car- the point where you decide you’ve arrived. Except we never seem to arrive! We are always setting future goals (even bigger house, even better status upgrade), and our happiness keeps getting pushed further out.  Happiness then becomes a destination that you are going to get to. Eventually. Maybe. Probably not. What happens if you start out being happy?

Read this book if you are looking for happiness (hello, everyone!), waiting for happiness (hello, almost everyone!) or if you are happy now (you guys were right all along!).  

Now, let me tell you why this book resonated so much with me. The author has a website where he started his writing. I too started writing a blog many years ago. The writing and photography made me very happy. The more I wrote about all the things that interested me, the more my interests and curiosity seemed to grow, and the more I grew as a person. And then, like the author, I started focusing on the website stats. Now it wasn’t enough that my time engaged in the writing process brought me so much happiness but that it also drew lots of people. Ugh. But wait, this is where our stories diverge. Unlike the author, my posts didn’t go viral. Instead, I realized that I had taken away the happiness and pure pleasure that I got from writing and postponed it to when the website visitor stats were up to my expectations. I wasn’t doing it for myself anymore. Double ugh! To hear what happened with the author’s writing, read the book. As for me, that’s when I started keeping a gratitude journal. To restart a daily writing practice and to bring back my joy in writing. All’s well that ends well! – Priya


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