Haute Bohemians/ Book Review / Collectivitea

To call Miguel Flores-Vianna’s book, Haute Bohemians an interior design book would be a crime. It’s more accurate to say that it beautifully captures, and lovingly documents a way of creative, authentic living. I was reminded of this Rumi quote, “Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love. It will not lead you astray.” That may well be the guiding principle behind the design and decor of the homes featured here. The rooms/homes in the book don’t follow established guidelines of interior design nor are they slave to trends. Instead, they act as windows to the soul.  Who are these people? What do they love? What do they obsess over? And perhaps most importantly, what magic lures them? Haute Bohemians is a fabulous portrayal of homes as a creative platform. Each page offers color-saturated room after room; each is accompanied by a flamboyant layering of patterns, from art, books, and textiles.

Haute Bohemians/ Book Review / Collectivitea

We are a patchwork of the places we have been to, of learnings from different cultures, of the experiences we’ve had, of layered memories, and driving passions. We are storytellers, all of us. Haute Bohemians embodies the romance of travel and adventure around the world, the refuge and inspiration our homes offer, and how one can tell the story of the other.

This gorgeous big book is an ideal companion for your 4 PM tea. It’s a must-read (a must- have too, as you probably want your own copy to visit, and revisit) for anyone who thinks of their home as an extension of themselves and uses it to tell the story of their life. It would also make a lovely gift. As with Ben Pentreath’s English Decoration, I will come back to this book again and again and not only for the beautiful rooms. In these homes, I recognize kindred spirits. – Priya



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