Thanksgiving Family Portrait/ Day 21/ 365-Day Creativity Challenge/ Collectivitea
Welcome to Week 3, Day 21, of the 365-Day Creativity Challenge! Here in the US, we are excited about Thanksgiving (Nov 23rd), and over the last few days, I have shared creative exercises centered around the idea of giving thanks. Thanksgiving Family Portrait/ Day 21/ 365-Day Creativity Challenge/ Collectivitea
Day 21’s prompt continues the theme of Thanksgiving by asking you to draw a Thanksgiving family portrait. Who’s coming? Who’s going to be at the table? Draw a picture of them assembled like at a wedding reception or gathered around the dinner table. As with all these exercises, your art skill level does not matter. For example, in any picture I draw, the people will be represented by stick figures because my drawing skills are limited. Just have fun with it and if you are interested, here’s a link on how to draw people. The prompt doesn’t literally mean family or relatives only- draw your Thanksgiving family, including friends who are family, pets, etc. If you are spending Thanksgiving on your own, draw yourself at the table surrounded by the food that you are going to eat. Draw as much detail as you can. Additionally, you can add the names of the people in the picture, a quality about them that you are most grateful for or something about them you’d like to remember. Maybe they are shy, and are best placed next to your kind neighbor who will help break the ice. Maybe you are grateful for your friend who always stays back to help with the cleanup. And so on.

The goal is to be creative, use your imagination, and to have fun. It’s also a way to express your gratitude for everyone at your table.

Go For It: You can set out drawing supplies and paper on Thanksgiving Day and have people draw their own Thanksgiving family portrait. Who was there, what was the menu, and the gratitude prayers that were shared.

To share how you are interpreting these creative prompts or following the challenge, please use the hashtag #ctea365 on social media and /or leave me a comment below. Have a wonderful week! – Priya

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