Full Moon /Day 32/ 365 Days Of Creativity / CollectiviteaIt’s another full moon night. It’s also Saturday night as I type this, Day 32 of the 365-Day Creativity Challenge. This full moon is a Supermoon as well as being the last full moon of the year. For today’s creative exercise, use the words ‘full moon’ as a prompt for some free-writing. Start with the topic of the full moon, but keep writing, following where your thoughts lead you. Click and scroll down  to Rules for a list of guidelines that you can follow for this free-writing exercise.

Just as a reminder, if you have a dedicated journal or notebook, it really helps because you will see your creativity expand and change as you devote time to it every day. You will also be creating a year’s worth of creative work. As you work through the prompts, write down other things that strike you because you may want to revisit these ideas.

Have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow! To share what you are doing, please use the hashtag #ctea365 on social media and /or leave me a comment below. – Priya


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