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Gratitude Cards (365 Creative Exercises & Prompts, Day 44)

Background: Welcome! We are now into Week 6, Day 44 of the 365-Day Creativity Challenge, and I am excited and happy to have you here!  I use the terms ‘creative’, ‘creativity’  or ‘creative exercise’ very loosely. While they have very specific meanings within the art or business worlds, I define it as any activity that allows us to access an inner stillness. Where the mind’s incessant chatter decreases, and for that short period of time, we are in the presence of a magnificent quietude. Where we feel joyful and recharged as if accessing a powerful, bountiful source of imagination and ideas. It makes what we do- draw, write, paint, work in a science lab, dance, sing, play music, photography etc. etc.- a spiritual experience. It has nothing to do with talent and skill level, and everything to do with joy. Whether you take part in all 365 days, or 7, 21, or 30 days, or join us when you can, I hope you will take the time to relax, slow down, and be your joyous self! Want more details? You may want to read this introduction to the 365-Day Creativity Challenge. Have a wonderful day! Just as a reminder, it really helps to have a dedicated journal or notebook because you will see  a continuous record of your creativity expanding and changing as you devote time to it every day. You will also be creating a year’s worth of creative work. As you work through the prompts, write down other things that strike you because you may want to revisit these ideas. Have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow! To share what you are doing, please use the hashtag #ctea365 on social media and /or leave me a comment below. – Priya

I was struck by a wonderful idea while in the shower today and I thought I’d share it here because it easily doubles as a creative exercise as well as a way to say thank you for the people in your life. Gratitude Cards / 365 Day Creativity ChallengeI have lost the habit of sharing and receiving cards for most occasions, except the all-important ones like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. So I’ve decided that over the next week, and definitely before the arrival of 2018, I am going to write and share season’s greetings + gratitude cards.  It’s my end of the year project of acknowledgment and gratitude for the people in my life and to wish them all the best for the coming year. Maybe this seems like a rather obvious thing to do as part of the seasonal celebrations but it’s a change for me. I’ve written about gratitude extensively here, it is in my thoughts constantly, and I express it almost daily to my family. But for this project, I am widening the circle to include lots of new people I’ve met this year. The challenge is to write a note to each one of them expressing my thanks, and to let them know something specific to them that I am grateful for. In a way, it’s like wearing my heart on my sleeve, something I would normally shy away from. But this year has been about saying Yes to things I would normally never even consider and so this exercise seems like the perfect way to wrap up 2017. I am looking forward to the physical act of sitting down with the card and writing it out because it feels like a mindfulness exercise in gratitude. -Priya

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