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It’s Time For Cake (365 Creative Exercises & Prompts, Day 34)


It's Time For Cake /Day 34/ 365-Day Creativity Challenge/ CollectiviteaHello Monday and Day 34 of the 365 Day Creativity Challenge! The days are very short as we head closer to the winter equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a beautiful time of the year, and not only because it’s the holiday season. A quiet hush has fallen over the trees. The steady stream of falling leaves has slowed down to a trickle and it feels like the calm before a new beginning. So much of what we see is a reflection of what we feel, isn’t it? I feel like I am beginning a new chapter, and everything outside seems to mirror that. What are you feeling? What is being reflected back to you? You may use that as a writing prompt to delve deeper. For today’s creative exercise, I suggest drawing a cake. Day 34 prompt: Draw a cake. It's Time For Cake /Day 34/ 365-Day Creativity Challenge/ Collectivitea

Before you start with the creative exercise, here’s a little background on why we are drawing a cake. Obviously with today being this blog’s birthday, I do have birthdays and cake on my mind. It’s also the winter season that is perfect for a cup of tea, and cake, warm from the oven. Perhaps more importantly, and with or without cake, it’s the time of the year which lends itself more easily to slowing down. Because that’s what we periodically do, whether in solitude or by gathering family and friends together- we slow down and recognize this moment, and celebrate it’s momentousness. We celebrate with food that we love, and with people that we love. It’s like we are all driven to periodically create bubbles where time seems to stand still.

It's Time For Cake /Day 34/ 365-Day Creativity Challenge/ CollectiviteaWith today’s prompt, I want to remind you of daily or weekly traditions that you, your family, and your friends may enjoy that allows for this slowing down of time. The Swedish have their fika, the Danish have hygge, the Indians are passionate about chai time, and so on. Of course, it’s not always a cultural thing. We all have our own traditions. Think about that time when you let things be, and settled down for some tea, a slice of cake, and conversation, or with a book. Draw the cake. If you are inclined, draw all the other things that go along with it. The teapot/coffee pot. The creamer. A pile of books. A companion. Flowers on the table. Is it a cupcake or a more elaborate cake? It may even have tiers! Does it have as many tiers as a wedding cake? Imagine an immensely-tiered Royal wedding cake and draw it for your tea table!

It's Time For Cake /Day 34/ 365-Day Creativity Challenge/ CollectiviteaAs always, skill level isn’t important. Draw what you can, and do so with joy. If you’d prefer to photograph, do that instead. Now that we are a month into the creativity challenge, I hope you have settled into a routine that allows you recharge and relax.  If you are able to follow the challenge on some days but not on others, that’s totally okay. The goal is to enjoy, not enforce. To slow down, not stress. If you miss today, don’t worry. it’ll still be here tomorrow. – Priya

Background: Welcome! We are now at Day 34 of the 365 Day Creativity Challenge, and I am excited and happy to have you here!  I use the terms ‘creative’, ‘creativity’  or ‘creative exercise’ very loosely. While they have very specific meanings within the art or business worlds, I define it as any activity that allows us to access an inner stillness. Where the mind’s incessant chatter decreases, and for that short period of time, we are in the presence of a magnificent quietude. Where we feel joyful and recharged as if accessing a powerful, bountiful source of imagination and ideas. It makes what we do- draw, write, paint, work in a science lab, dance, sing, play music, photography etc. etc.- a spiritual experience. It has nothing to do with talent and skill level, and everything to do with joy. Whether you take part in all 365 days, or 7, 21, or 30 days, or join us when you can, I hope you will take the time to relax, slow down, and be your joyous self! Want more details? You may want to read this introduction to the 365-Day Creativity Challenge. Just as a reminder, it really helps to have a dedicated journal or notebook because you will see  a continuous record of your creativity expanding and changing as you devote time to it every day. You will also be creating a year’s worth of creative work. As you work through the prompts, write down other things that strike you because you may want to revisit these ideas. Have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow! To share what you are doing, please use the hashtag #ctea365 on social media and /or leave me a comment below. – Priya

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