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Have A Vacation Today (365 Creative Exercises & Prompts, Day 80)

No, I’m not saying let’s take another play day! Hello, and welcome back! For Day 80, we are going to picture our dream vacation spot, and we are going to draw it. And then we are going to have a vacation today! Let’s start at the beginning. What is your dream vacation spot? You may know the exact place you want to be – on Hawaii’s gorgeous beaches, or on a snowy slope, skiing down the hill, maybe Aspen, Colorado, or somewhere in Switzerland. You may want to be walking the streets of Paris in the spring or taking a train ride up the Blue Mountains (Nilgiris) in southern India, to walk among tea growers. Or you may want to be tucked up in your home, refrigerator stocked, and with Netflix on. And a big Do Not Disturb sign on your door! Obviously, I can’t go through all the ideas and places that a person would consider a dream vacation spot, but, right here in January, let’s conjure up what that place would be. If you know the exact place, start drawing. If you don’t have a specific place in mind, draw what constitutes a dream vacation spot. What does it have? The beach? A forest of trees? A rows of beautiful houses? Palm trees swaying in the wind, a hammock strung up between them. An infinity pool. Or maybe you like to go hiking- majestic mountains and beautiful views. Maybe all you want to do is stay home, and shut out the world. Draw yourself there enjoying your vacation. It’s totally up to you how big or small the picture or how detailed it is going to be.Have a vacation today / 365 Creative Exercises/ Collectivitea

As you can probably tell, I am ready for a vacation! I’ve a short solo trip coming up next month, and my husband and I have a longer one planned for later in the year. But, I am also taking a vacation right after I finish this post. I am not going anywhere and the break is just for a day. After years of feeling like I had to be productive every minute of the day – I don’t know when I started feeling this way, but it’s an insidious, non-productive feeling that I am trying to kick out the door- I take weekly breaks. Well, before you say that’s what the weekend is for, let’s just think about most people’s weekends- grocery runs (usually to 2 or more different stores), laundry, work that you couldn’t get done during work, and for some, kids’ classes, meal prep, and other errands. So, on Friday afternoon, I switch off the computer, forget about social media, and give myself a break until Sunday morning. It’s not always doable because something or the other will come up that’ll need to be done on Saturday. But if I plan properly, and if I rope the family in, it has become easier to have a do-nothing day. I’ll stay in bed, read a book, go out for lunch, and then, a long walk. No screen time. It’s the space that I hope to use for a painting class that I want to take. Yes, it’s easier because my kids are now older, but the biggest change that I needed was within me. Everything doesn’t have to be done perfectly, all boxes checked, all the time. I needed to stop doing that. I didn’t have to be productive every day. There’s no need to go through life as if it is one long to-do list. It’s easy to get trapped in the ‘doing’ and the feeling of productive importance that having a long to-do list supposedly confers on us. But it’s in the stepping away and letting things be that inspiration can come calling. If you are good about taking breaks, recharging, and relaxing, kudos to you! If not, well, how about giving yourself a vacation today? Have a fabulous weekend, and I’ll see you later. – Priya

Update: Here’s a link on Goodreads to a lovely quote on taking time off from Dr. Maya Angelou.


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