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Armchair Travel

Armchair Travel/Collectivitea

Hello! How was your day? I woke up to gorgeous pictures of snow in Rome on my Instagram feed and was immediately struck with a case of acute wanderlust. It would be lovely to slip away for a vacation, but for now armchair travel is the only travel I have planned. For Day 109 of the 365-Day creativity challenge, let’s think about some place that we’ve visited. As a creative exercise, you may choose to draw a scene from your travel there or write about the things you saw, an experience you had, or the feelings the place evoked.  It’s not so much a case of wanting to be somewhere other than where we are at, but of taking time to daydream. So we are doing at least 2 different things- letting the mind wander. Daydreaming. And letting it wander to other places, remembering places we’ve visited, and dreaming about places that are still on our bucket list. Daydreaming and armchair travel. I remember reading somewhere that there is research to show that daydreaming is a sophisticated process and is important for creative problem-solving. So brew a pot of tea, and go where your memories and imagination take you.  – Priya


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