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Design A Suzani

365 Creative Exercises and Prompts/Collectivitea

365 Creative Exercises and Prompts/CollectiviteaHere’s a completely fun and creative challenge! Can you design and draw a section of a suzani, the textiles which has become a hugely popular design accessory? (Day 112) We did a related exercise back on Day 35 when we drew patterned pomegranates (click to read more about suzanis) which are a popular design motif on suzanis. Suzanis are hand-embroidered and may have formed part of the textiles that a bride would take with her. Other common motifs are twirling vines, fruits, and small and big flowers. Some suzanis have bold graphic motifs. You, of course, are not limited by these. Use your imagination and design a section of a suzani or the entire rectangular piece. I have attached a few pictures of some of the vintage suzanis in my collections as inspiration, though I urge you to come up with your own patterns and to have fun with it! I first heard about these beautiful textiles about a decade ago and I started collecting them, both from local stores as well as online sources. They form the perfect backdrop for many of my photographs and are a constant source of inspiration. More than the vividly colored red and black suzanis, it’s the beige fabrics with the vividly patterned embroidery that I find most alluring. Happy Textile Tuesday and for more suzani-related posts, please click here. See you tomorrow. – Priya

Suzani / 365 Creative Exercises and Prompts/Collectivitea


Suzani / 365 Creative Exercises and Prompts/Collectivitea


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