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365 Days Of Creativity Challenge, Collectivitea, Creatives+ Creative Entrepreneurs, Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal) / Sunday, April 1st, 2018

After 9 odd years of writing a blog regularly, learning photography, exploring my creativity thoroughly, and even starting a business based on these, I reached what felt like the end of a long road last month. And I had to stop and mull over where I had started, think about all the places I’d been and the people I’d met, where I’d finally reached, and what I’d achieved.  Have you noticed how, when we are on a journey, we are driven by curiosity, excitement, fear, the lure of rewards, and by the need to arrive? Finally there. Happily ever after. All done. What we don’t notice is that it’s not at the end of the road that we are rewarded but rather all along the way.  And this is what I learned on my road. Every step you take in your exploration of what creativity means to you and how you express yourself helps you hone into your truth.What you want more of. What you want to let go. What you will see through to the end. What you will let flow, like water, through your fingers. What makes you happy. And what of your beautiful self you want to share with the world. That’s really what creativity is, isn’t it? The uncovering of your truth and sharing it in whatever way you can.Creativity/Collectivitea

When I started the 365 day creativity challenge, the goal was to show up for 365 days. That’s still my goal though when I started it, I didn’t take into account the ebbs and flows of the creative process. There are days when my posts write themselves, flowing as smoothly as water, and others, when I have to work and pull out every single word like a recalcitrant tooth. That, plus offline commitments have made it harder to be here. The goal though is to keep at it because writing has always been a way to connect with my higher self. So here’s my wish for you and me – that we stick around with our creative process through the bumps in the road, through the ebbs and flows (sorry about all the mixed metaphors), and that it leads us to our truth.

For Day 110, please think about a dream that you’d like to achieve. That you may already be working on. Haven’t yet started. Will start soon. Thinks it’s doable. Or maybe you think it’s a crazy idea. No can do. Reflect and write out 3 steps that you can take towards making it a reality. Or paint a picture of what you’d like to achieve. Express your dream in your own creative way. Because to be creative is to have a constant yearning. The more I sit with it and try different things, the more creativity shows up. We all do it in different ways but it’s important to heed the call. It’s never too late to dream a dream. It’s never to late to start anew. It’s never too late to turn around. If I repeat it enough times, I hope it will resonate in our minds and hearts, and take on the power of a magical chant. Hope all is well with you and it’s lovely to be back here again.- Priya


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