Collectivitea, 2017

Collectivitea LogoDear Collectivitea family,

We are making some changes at Collectivitea and we want you to be the first to know.  Almost exactly a year ago, we started Collectivitea. Our goal was to create a platform to connect all the amazing people that we met, and to give back- by featuring organizations working on diverse causes, and setting aside a portion of our proceeds towards children’s education initiatives. Thanks to all the support, we’ve been able to do both. We continue to be a space that celebrates creativity, and to connect people, both on- and offline.

In our next phase of growth, we want to make Collectivitea more open, sustainable, and increase what we give back. To make that possible, starting Jan 1st 2017, Collectivitea will transition to a store fee model. The first awesome thing to note that is that we are removing the marketplace commission. Your Collectivitea store will be an additional online space where your products are available. When a buyer purchases items from your Collectivitea store, the amount is directly transferred to you via Paypal (minus the Paypal fee), just like it is now. We will not charge a Collectivitea marketplace commission. If your customer prefers another mode of payment, you may point them to your website or your business’s social media page if you accept alternate forms of payment there.

To run a Collectivitea store, a seller can choose between three tiers.

Tier 1: US$50/year. Seller lists up to 10 products.

Tier 2: US$75/year. Seller lists up to 25 products.

Tier 3:  US$100/year. Seller lists >25 products.

As many of you know, and have experienced multiple times already, Collectivitea continues to be a place where you meet people, make new connections, and grow a supportive community around your store/brand. We will also continue to offer features of your products in our newsletter and social media accounts. If you have any questions or need help opening or transitioning your store, please email us. Our complete Terms And Conditions can be found here.

Thank you for being part of Collectivitea!