Join Collectivitea!

We are a unique, online marketplace that offers a platform for you to sell handcrafted, vintage or ethically sourced products.


Our goal is to empower creative entrepreneurs and small business owners + give back to communities and causes.   You can use your Collectivitea store  to raise awareness of your products and grow the community around your store/brand; offer buyers here in the US and other parts of the world another platform to shop your products. We offer technical support, as well as consultations on branding and building your audience.

Share your website, as well as link to your social media accounts; sell on Collectivitea or elsewhere; we offer a unique and open platform that offers your buyer a range of choices. 

A portion of our proceeds is set aside towards children’s education initiatives.

Currency and Commission/Fees 

All products are listed in US Dollars as we are based in the United States. We use Paypal to process payments and the seller receives the entire amount, including shipping and taxes, if any, via Paypal at the time of the sale. Paypal charges their own small fee for online transactions.

We offer an online, boutique marketplace platform for independent sellers to open stores and sell their products.   Starting Jan 1st 2017, to run a Collectivitea store, a seller can choose between three tiers.

Tier 1: US$50/year, payable at the beginning of the term. The seller lists up to 10 products in their Collectivitea store. 

Tier 2: US $75/year, payable at the beginning of the term. The seller lists up to 25 products in their Collectivitea store. 

Tier 3: US $100/year, payable at the beginning of the term. The seller lists > 25 products in their Collectivitea store. 

  • Please note that the marketplace payments are non-refundable. 

What can I sell?

Art, bags, books, clothing and accessories, jewelry, textiles, items for the home and home decor. These are just some of the product categories and if you have questions, please get in touch with us here to find out if your product would be a good fit.

Some rules do apply

  1. Don’t list or sell any product that you are not authorized to sell (including, but not limited to, trademarked and copyrighted items).
  2. You can’t sell firearms or items of an illegal nature.
  3. Some items require the seller to have a license in order to sell those products. Please ensure that you are in possession of the requisite permissions.  We cannot be held accountable for the same.
  4. All taxes are the responsibility of the seller. When you set up your store, you will see various tax categories available in your dashboard. Please select the one that is appropriate for your shop. Don’t see your tax code/ percentage? Please let us know immediately and we will add it to your store and your buyers will be charged accordingly.
  5. Please keep in mind that our marketplace is family friendly.
  6. Be nice! Everyone’s here to try their best and our goal is to provide a supportive, vibrant and thriving creative  environment. You can help us do that by making sure these rules are observed and that everyone is treating each other kindly.
  7. We reserve the right to revoke membership, close store and/or bar any member from the website at our sole discretion. Our complete Terms and Conditions can be found here and our Privacy Policy can be found here

How do I join? 

You can open a Collectivitea account here or by emailing us. If you are interested in opening a Collectivitea store, please check the box to apply to become a vendor/seller. You will receive an email notification once your seller account has been activated along with access to seller tools. Thank you and have a wonderful day!