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Hello and welcome to Collectivitea! We are thrilled to have you here! Please find a quick guide to setting up your Collectivitea store, and answers to some frequently asked questions below. Bookmark this page! If you need further help, please contact us via the onsite messaging system here (hover over the circular profile picture and you will see an envelope icon).

Collectivitea is located in California, USA, and online technical support is available M-F 9-5PM, Pacific Time. We are a small, dedicated team and we try our best to respond to queries quickly. Thank you for joining our awesome community!

What is Collectivitea? We are an online, boutique marketplace where independent sellers can open their stores and sell. For more details on what kind of products, please visit this page. Our Terms and Conditions have been updated and can be found here.

Your Collectivitea Account – Experts suggest using a different password for different online accounts. Please choose a password that is a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters and do not share your password with anyone. Our support team does not have access to your password and will not ask for it. Lost password? You can reset it by clicking on the Forgot or Lost Password link on the log in screen- an email with a reset link will be sent to you.

What is my store called? You have a Collectivitea store (pronounced collectivity). You can share and associated url’s with your audience and prospective buyers.

Your store url is 

When sharing a product, it’s a good idea to share your shop url with the product picture- that way, if the product is sold or goes out of stock, a prospective buyer can still find their way to your shop rather than see a missing product page.

You also have a member account and that is what you will use for all your transactions on Collectivitea. Click on the circular image (top right) when you login for a drop down menu giving you quick access to your links.

Seller FAQ/ Your Collectivitea Store


Click on the My Profile tab in the drop down menu to see your profile.Seller FAQ/ Your Collectivitea Store*Please note that the orders you see on your profile are your purchases at the Collectivitea marketplace.

Setting up your Collectivitea store 
Your Seller/Vendor Dashboard can be accessed when you log in to your Collectivitea account. Click on the My Account link in the drop down menu for quick access to your seller/vendor dashboard.
Seller FAQ/ Your Collectivitea Store You can see your sales, commission (money paid to you for your sales), products and set coupons.


Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 5.50.57 PM

  • The Settings tab lets you select your store name and a store description. Payment details such as the Paypal account to which payments are to be made can be added via the Payment tab. Please make sure that your store has your Paypal email address entered in the Payments section- payments will not go through unless this information is available. Please click the Branding and Social tabs to add social media links and to personalize your store. The Products lets you add products + details. Please note that all prices are in US Dollars. 

Seller Dashboard


  • Shipping– Setting Shipping via the Settings tab sets default rates for your entire store. Alternatively, you can add shipping details to each product (per-product-shipping). Please enter your shipping and return policy here. 

Your shop can offer fixed shipping rates or country specific shipping rates. Currently, the default is fixed rates for national and international shipping. If you are interested in switching your shop to country specific rates, please let us know and we will help you set the shipping option that you prefer.
You can set fixed rates, choose to ship only nationally, internationally or both, and select the option for shipping to be charged only once if 2 copies of the same product are bought by a buyer.

When adding shipping details for an individual product, please make sure the Virtual box (right next to type of product-Simple product) is unchecked for all physical products that need shipping. This will allow you to set shipping prices for the product.

If you would like to set a lower shipping price when a customer buys 2 or more items from your store, you can create a custom listing where a buyer can choose any 2 (any number more than 1, to be decided by you) products and get a lower shipping rate. By default, the platform charges per product shipping.

  • Add, Edit, Publish Products by clicking on the Products tab. You can upload images and set a featured image as well as add a gallery of images for every product. Manage stock by selecting the Inventory tab and entering number of items in stock. The system will keep track of the number of the items in stock and then remove it from the marketplace catalog when it goes out of stock.
  • Adding Images Please upload images in the file format .jpg.  Dimensions of images should ideally be less than 1000 height/width. This size is sufficient for product images. Files sizes should be around 100-200kb and not more than 72-100dpi resolution.

*If you see an Image upload error or an error that asks you try later- please note that you may see this error when you are not logged in to Collectivitea. Log into your account to dismiss the error. If you continue to see this error, please get in touch with our Support team.

  • Taxes– Sales and other taxes are the responsibility of the seller. Please select Taxable if your product price doesn’t already include taxes.  Please let us know your tax rates so that we may add it to your store setting and your buyers will be charged the rate you set. As our sellers are from all over the world and working with different rates, you have to let us know the tax rate you want to set for your store for it to be available in your settings. If taxes are already factored into your product price, please select no taxes to be added.
  • Buyer questions and  messages– An email is sent to the email address that you registered with when someone sends you a message on Collectivitea or mentions you in a comment. You can also view your messages by clicking on the icon on the top right of your Collectivitea screen (left drop down on mobile platforms). We recommend that you do log in and check message status regularly.

You can change default settings (eg. choose to receive messages via email) by selecting Settings in the drop down menu under your profile icon (see below).Seller FAQ/ Your Collectivitea Store

  • Vacation Mode– Shows a message indicating that the store is in vacation mode.

How it works When a buyer buys a product from your store, you receive the entire amount (cost of item + any taxes and shipping you set) via Paypal. Paypal charges its own commission for the transaction.

Please make sure that your store has your Paypal email address entered in the Payments sections- payments will not go through unless this information is available.

The seller receives an email notification when an order is placed by a buyer. Log in to your Dashboard for details on the order. When you have shipped the product, please mark the item as shipped, Please add a note to the order if you would like to let the customer know that the item has shipped, when to expect it or to share any special details, delays, use instructions etc. The order note functions as a communication tool between the seller and the buyer. If you need further help in communicating with the buyer, please get in touch with our support team.

Blog, Social Media Links and the Collectivitea newsletter Our blog features a wide variety of stories, brands, creatives (not restricted to Collectivitea) and is peppered with posts chronicling our own journey.

We offer all our sellers a feature on our blog, and if you’d like to have a blog post about your store, please send us a description of your store and the products you offer. It’s always nice to know the people behind a brand, so do share details on who you are, where your store is located and why you have embarked on this journey + any pictures that you’d like to share. You can also offer giveaways, free shipping offers and sales and if you let us know that your store is offering a promotion or special offer or sale, we will also help promote it on our other social media platforms and via the newsletter.  Repeat blog features are done at our discretion.

You can subscribe to our newsletter here. We send it out once or twice a week, so no spam and we don’t sell email addresses. What we do is tell our audience about new products, new stores, who is offering free shipping, what’s on sale etc + inspiring quotes, poetry, interesting links and stories from behind the scenes at Collectivitea.

Let’s grow together Collectivitea = Indie + Creative + Community

At Collectivitea, we want to support our members and do our best to draw audiences and promote our stores. We are a small team and our goal here is to bring together a community that celebrates creativity and entrepreneurship. We are building on our existing, vibrant community plus we provide awesome support! But we can’t do it alone. As a member and Collectivitea store, we hope you will help spread the word, promote fellow sellers/stores, shop at Collectivitea and be an engaged member of the community! Thank you for being part of Collectivitea and let’s grow together!

For any other questions or support,  such as suggested pricing,  photography tips, branding etc. please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help!